Riding through warehouses of grain, in one door & out the other end, on your Honda 350.  We gaze upon the Santa Maria, ships in harbor under the bridge to North Beach, past Gaslight Square, & on to the hill going downtown; there's the statue & a long sealed tunnel awaits, indefinitely.  We're bound for Peoples' Alley to explore the old abandoned high~rise, from dusty piles of doctor manuals to fresh air up the stairs to the roof, where salty air invigorates.  Oh, let's go to Mercado Del Mar, where a wooden ship is dry~docked on the ground  & filled with art of an Oriental woman; up to a mezzanine where a green painted trolley car bears the fullness of a salad bar. Brown Bag Sandwiches, then back down, but, before we go, come in to the antique free~standing post office to play.  Maybe we could get our picture made at the Old~Tyme Photos display.  Time to leave, for my favorite place is down the street, back to Deja~Vu Boutiques.  I can almost smell the indescribable sweetness, of the dank recess, laughing out the window on a landing, where converge double staircases.  Another window up above, I wait for you to help me up through the attic doorway, where we meditate & defy sleep.  

Well; not the Santa Maria; it was a replica of the Nina.  Click on the ship to visit the Travel Lady page for the Sparkling City by the Sea.

Barbara Kim Thigpen of Corpus Christi Born May 11, 1958 , Spohn Hospital, 10:45 am ~ Mother's Day