The SIMS Foundation in 2010

An Overview

What is the SIMS Foundation?
  • SIMS is a nonprofit organization that has provided mental health and addiction recovery services for Austin-area musicians and their families for 15 years.
  • SIMS serves more than 600 clients annually and provides over 5,000 units of service (defined as one counseling session or one day in recovery).
How does it work?
  • Potential clients call the SIMS Confidential Clinical Line. To be eligible, clients must be professional musicians or their immediate family members living within a 50-mile radius of Austin and must be uninsured or underinsured.
  • SIMS employs two licensed counselors-- one licensed professional counselor (LPC) and one licensed clinical social worker (LCSW)-- who provide an in-depth clinical assessment for every client. They also provide short-term counseling and case management, as well as leading weekly therapeutic groups for SIMS clients.
  • Based on clients' needs-which range from psychiatric services to couples counseling to medical detoxification from drugs and alcohol- SIMS clinicians refer them to the most appropriate long-term provider within our network of 60 therapists and treatment centers.
  • These generous providers are licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs), licensed professional counselors (LPCs), psychologists, psychiatrists, adult psychiatric nurses (APRNs), and licensed substance abuse programs. They serve SIMS' clients at a significantly reduced rate, resulting in over $350,000 of in-kind support each year.
  • Some providers take only one or two SIMS clients, some see up to 20. SIMS' clinical staff manages the network, ensures that each member has proper licensing and is in compliance with our policies and procedures, and monitors each client's progress, diagnosis and goals.
  • SIMS' therapists offer individual and family, group, and couples counseling and have a variety of specialties to meet our clients' needs. In addition, SIMS provides a full range of addiction recovery services: medical detoxification, inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and sober living.
What's new at SIMS in 2010?
  • Quite a bit! SIMS' new Executive Director of 10 months has 17 years of nonprofit management experience; SIMS Clinical Director of 8 months has 10 years of counseling and supervision experience, in addition to specialized training in addiction treatment; and SIMS' current Board of Directors, 75% of whom have joined in the last year, is comprised of strong community leaders with a range of skills, including a CPA, a PhD clinical psychologist, representatives from the music industry, and fundraising experts.
  • We're growing! SIMS recently signed a $200,000 contract with the Travis County Healthcare District that will allow us to serve more clients. We are in the process of working with leaders from the African American and Latino communities to craft a strategic outreach effort, and we have hired SIMS' first Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Our 2010 budget is close to $600,000. 79% is allocated to direct services for clients while 21% goes to administrative expenses. Thanks to the generosity of our providers, donors and funders, we have created a sustainable model that will help SIMS keep Austin's musicians in tune for years to come.
How does SIMS do it?
With a great deal of community support! Learn more about how you can help SIMS keep Austin musicians in tune by visiting