Kurt Bestor is an Emmy Award-winning composer, multi-instrumental performer, and producer. His music has been heard on numerous shows such as NFL Monday Night Football, National Geographic Explorer, and the Olympics.   

Hull by Kurt Bestor

The ships..
The ships are coming.
The ships are coming back.
Back to Hull.
For years they departed,
Royals, jibs and mainsails full of promise,
Bound for ports Glory, Fame, and Adventure.
Once gone...we waited.
While Dafoe, Swift and Stevenson,
Chronicled their journeys,
From rogues and rubes
To gilded gods of the high seas.
But as the springs came,
And brass bands played,
And city fathers opened wide the gates,
All that returned was the quivering flotsam and jetsam,
Of our own inadequacy.
Oh, to dream and sail toward that dream.
Land ho! and you plant your flag deep,
Deep into your own New World.


...the feeling that has stuck with me almost continuously the last eight years is one of determination to not just sit in the comfort of my house and watch the killing and hating through my peripheral vision. It's easy to do that with a smorgasbord of pop culture continually screaming for attention. I try not to let the din of American commercialism cover up the crying happening daily in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, and other turbulent regions.

I have to keep believing that all of us pushing and shoving for space on this planet really desire peace, love, and harmony more than war, hate, and disharmony. Surely—even the most radical extremist would prefer a comfortable abode for his family, sufficient food to eat, and just a bit extra to enjoy the simple things in life. The opium-farming Taliban Afghani would rather just sell his beautiful flowers for decoration if he could make enough money that way. The bomb-toting Hamas Palestinian youth would rather strap on a book bag on his way to a higher education if it were available. Poverty and lack of education breed desperation and hatred. We've seen it here in the US in our inner cities for years. We shouldn't be surprised that the same formula equals a similar result in other places...

I now feel that those on the extreme side of world conflict may be too immersed and invested in their causes to listen to reason. However, there are millions of others who are in the more reasonable middle ground. They should become our focus now.

I am convinced that the answer to solving the MIddle East conflict, is NOT found at the end of a gun rifle but at the end of an outstretched hand. Guns, bombs, and violence can only breed more of the same. The same could be said for other foreign policy hotspots around the world... Abraham Lincoln Said "Am I not destroying enemies when I make friends of them?" Moshe Dyan said, "If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies."


"I want someone I can philosophize with and talk about politics. Not only does she keep up, she eclipses me in world understanding. She doesn't realize how smart she is..." 

I am a big fan of David Archuleta (and his sweet and supportive parents Jeff and Lupe). Our musical world is better with this high school senior in it.